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The Steering Board of the HFCC / ASBU in cooperation with the Norwegian Post- and Telecommunications Authority (PT) have the pleasure of inviting you to attend the B03 Season Co-ordination Conference to be held in Tromso, Norway between 25th - 29th of August 2003.

HFCC/ASBU members and invited observers that are active as frequency managers of recognised broadcasters are eligible for the participation in the conference.


Documents from the Meeting


Invitation and Registration


Conference Venue - incl. Photos


The conference will be held in Tromso at the Radisson SAS Tromso Hotel, Sjogatan 7, N-9259 Tromso, Norway

Facilities Available for the Meeting


The online upload application will be used for the collection of updated requirement files instead of diskettes. Participants are encouraged to bring portable PCs equipped with IEEE 802.11b WLAN cards. Mains power distribution and a wireless LAN will be installed in the meetig room. A limited number of computers with Internet connection will be available.

Travel Information


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