Additional Information on Hotel Booking

Prior and after the recent Preparatory SB meeting for the Tromso conference we had received questions from some of the participants asking about the possibility to book bed and breakfast accommodation only, or other arrangements.

Erik Johnsbraten discussed these possibilities with the Radisson SAS hotel with these conclusions:

Norway is an expensive country and the overall conference package rate inclusive of full board and conference room renting, which we have succeeded to negotiate with the hotel, at (single-room) 995 NOK/day only is very much reduced. The text on the invoice will be Accommodation.

There is also a special - and also reduced - (single-room) bed and breakfast rate at 695 NOK for the weekend and extra days.

The ordinary bed and breakfast rate is 880 NOK and therefore if the rent of the conference facilities up to 385 NOK is added, this results in a much higher rate than the reduced package-deal agreed with the hotel that also includes lunch and dinner.

It should be noted too that the Friday payment of 335 NOK mentioned on the hotel registration form applies to the delegates arriving at the hotel on Monday morning or later. This is because these colleagues will be staying at the hotel for one conference day more than is the number of nights. In other words, this payment will not apply to those who arrive at the Radisson SAS on Sunday or earlier.