A13 Global Conference in Tunis

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The A13 conference was held from 28th January to 1st February 2013 in Tunis, Tunisia. It was a joint conference of the HFCC/ASBU and the ABU-HFC.

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A Wplot2000ex course will be held during the Tunis A13 meeting. The training is tentatively scheduled for afternoons (after lunch) of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To make the course effective at its best WPlot shall use reliable data; to this scope Members are invited to provide the actual basic data for each antenna used: ITU antenna number, band/s of operation, design frequency, azimuth, slewing possibilities. Data would be collected in Tunis before the first WPlot course session.

To ease the collection of the data the antenna acquisition form is provided; you are kindly requested to use it. In the case you find more convenient to use a different form please use the one provided as a reference for the data to be given.

To have an idea on how the data provided is used in WPlot please refer to pages 247-255 of the relevant documentation (available at http://www.norbertschall.de/downloads.php). See also related Geoff's document on antenna design frequency.

For details/suggestions please contact Norbert, Horst or Sergio.

What's New

[26-Jun-2015] - B15 upload opened

[17-Mar-2015] - A15 Public Data

[17-Mar-2015] - A15 Operational Data

[24-Feb-2015] - A15 Muscat Minutes; A15 snapshot; deadline for A15 Operational Data: 16 March

[12-Feb-2015] - A15 snapshot

[20-Jan-2015] - Updated List of participants, schedule of WPLOT seminars on A15 webpage

[5-Jan-2015] - List of A15 participants; Tomorrow, 6 January: A15 tentative data deadline

[4-Dec-2014] - Users of WPLOT2000ex: please update WPLOTLINKS.TXT in the program directory

[1-Dec-2014] - A15 upload opened

[20-Nov-2014] - A15 Muscat - important information on visa

[7-Nov-2014] - B14 data snapshot

[12-Sep-2014] - B14 Sofia plenary and GOE minutes

[11-Sep-2014] - DRM Presentation by Calvin Carter of Continental Electronics plus DRM xHE-AAC Demo video

[4-Sep-2014] - B14 co-ordinated data snapshot

[19-Aug-2014] - B14 ITU data

[7-Aug-2014] - B14 tentative data snapshot. Old data uploaded for some FMOs. Read more in the restricted area

[14-Jul-2014] - B14 upload opened

[18-Jun-2014] - The first batch of IRDR QSL cards is about to be air-mailed

[4-Jun-2014] - The Jakarta Trial of International Radio for Disaster Relief (IRDR)

[23-May-2014] - Upload application upgrade, A14 snapshot, B13 closed

[1-Apr-2014] - A14 data snapshot

[10-Mar-2014] - Comment on SW usage - reply to BBG

[28-Feb-2014] - A14 data snapshot

[18-Feb-2014] - A14 GoE Minutes and Target Areas Definition proposal on the newly created Technical Reference page

[5-Feb-2014] - A14 Plenary Minutes

[3-Feb-2014] - B14 Sofia webpage

[30-Jan-2014] - A14 Co-ordinated Data snapshot

[9-Jan-2014] - A14 List of Participants

[8-Jan-2014] - A14 Snapshot as of 7 January. Converted A13/B13 data temporarily entered for missing schedules - will be removed again

[15-Dec-2013] - A14 upload opened, new version of upload application - pls report any problems

[9-Dec-2013] - A14 upload will be opened at the end of this week. Please note that standard Language codes become mandatory

[3-Dec-2013] - Just received: delayed Letter of Invitation - A14 Conference

[1-Nov-2013] - SB (A14 preparatory) meeting minutes

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